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Hey guys it's me Messiah. I have had a pretty good week this week, and I've enjoyed it. We had a youth meeting at our church for single youth, and it was good. The pastor preached about how we are single, but not alone. We will always have God with us. He also preached about purity and how it may be better for some of us to stay single right now. The reason he said this is because it is one less person to worry about, and because of school. The pastor stressed the fact that my mom and dad stress as well...starting a relationship does not depend on your age, but your maturity, and your walk with God. I definitely had a great time there, and learned a lot.

My Spanish classes are going great,and I can't believe that I'm almost done with my second book. Once I am done with my second book, I will be entering into past tense. I have been waiting soooooo long to go to past tense, and finally, I'm almost there. The other day, we watched the movies Wonder Park and Turbo in Spanish, and I understood a good bit of it. There were some things that I didn't understand, but I still understood a good percentage of it. I can understand more than I can speak when I have a conversation. My problem is that sometimes I forget how to say the words and verbs that I'm speaking of, but I get through pretty good... or at least I think.

Here‘s what indirect objects (what I worked on today) in Spanish look like...

See y'all soon, and I'll talk to ya next week.

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