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Wow!!!! What a great week!

I have had a great week this week. I was able to listen to a wonderful pastors conference online during the quarantine called T4G20, Together for the Gospel 2020. I was inspired to read more from my Bible and to go back to school. I am looking into starting college online. I want to get my Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Theology and Master of Divinity (MDiv). I want to learn how to interpret the Word more and share the Gospel to its fullest potential.

I have also read many books for the past three months. I have read 3 books on marriage, 1 on Theology, 1 on apologetics and 1 missionary testimony. I am now reading David Platt‘s book called Radical Together. Each of these books have inspired me to read more and learn more. Please continue to pray for me as I read more and more and learn more so that I can share the Gospel better and to know the Word more.

I have also been able to have an online Bible study with my buddy in Illinois, Farid Ali. He is a pastor in Illinois and we are doing the Three Circles of how to share the Gospel. It's an amazing way to easily get into a Gospel conversation and share the Gospel with a family member, friend, co-worker, and stranger. It is simple and easy to do. You can share the Gospel in as little as 5 minutes. If you are interested check out this video: . This is a really good way to share. Its an awesome video to understand and a way you can practice with your family how to share the Gospel. I know some of you are scared to tell the Gospel story and share with someone how to understand Christ and where He can meet you spiritually and save you or someone else from hell. Please don't hesitate to watch this video. Make sure you watch it all. It is very inspirational.

Thank you for reading and continue to follow us on our website ( ) by reading our blogs and stay connected with us through facebook Adams Family for CHRIST.

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