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Wow! God is good!

I am so very excited today. I was accepted into Bible college. I will be studying to get my Bachelors of Biblical Studies online at Eternity Bible College. Please pray for me during this quarantine time that I will study as much as I can in the Bible. My desire to go back to school is to be able to interpret the Bible better, share the Gospel easier, and to be able to answer the tough questions that the people of Honduras have about God. I am very excited to start this adventure to gain more knowledge about the Bible.

I am so glad that we have been able to continue to study Spanish online here in Honduras. I am taking classes two days a week online. It is not as easy as it is in person but it still gets the job done. Since we will not be able to come back to the states this year we have extended our class time till the end of August to learn as much Spanish as we can. Please continue to pray for us as we are learning Spanish and also for me because I will be starting a summer class May 24th to get my feet dirty before I go full-time in the fall. Everything will be online so I will be able to work at my own pace.

I ask that you also pray that the virus gets cleared up soon here in Honduras because we are still on a strict quarantine order. We want to be able to get out and go to church to see our fellow believers and to be able to get around town. We also want to start our small leadership training for Celebrate Recovery, but having to stay in our home and only able to go out to get groceries once every two weeks and for emergencies only, is holding us back from being able to do that. Thank God he has put us in our new ministry home early so that we can have space to move around and enjoy exercise.

Thank you for always praying for us and supporting us so that this ministry can flourish. All glory goes to God.

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