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Hi guys, soy Messiah. It's Messiah. This week, I had a great time with ministry. I enjoyed my time singing at youth group on Friday. Two of my friends and I helped lead the worship because the regular singer was gone because she went to the States. We sang "Graves into Gardens", Lion and the Lamb", and "Ven Ante Su Trono" (O Come to the Alter). I also enjoyed worshipping yesterday at church. Our drummer returned from the states, so he was able to play. I'm super excited because next week, I'm going to sing a Christmas song, and week by week, I'm going to keep adding them until I get to four.

This week, my parents figured out a plan to hang out with friends of ours once every week. I'm excited because it's always fun to hang out with them. I'll try to remember to get a picture of us for the next blog.

I hope that all y'all are thriving up there in the States, or down here in Honduras (wherever you're reading my blog). If anyone ever dreams of getting away from the coldness of the States and coming down here to the tropical island of Roatán, it's always open for you. This week, our neighbor taught my mom how to make coconut rice and beans, a typical island food. I savored every bite because it was soooooo good. When it's cooking, your mouth waters, and you want to eat it right then. The smell of coconuts is soooo good, but the taste of them is even better.

Picture of the coconut beans and rice...

Thank yall for reading my blog, and I'll talk to y'all next week.

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