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Hi guys, Its Messiah, and I'm so excited to tell y'all that I took my test for Spanish and I got a 90%. I'm super duper excited because I'll finally be moving on to past tense in book three. I'm glad that I'm picking up Spanish quickly, and that I'm learning it. Once I get a lot better at Spanish, I'm going to study Italian. I want to learn Italian because It's pretty similar to Spanish. They both have a Latin background, and I think that I can pick it up quickly. First, I need to work on, study, and focus on Spanish. My teacher, Carlos, is very good and I have learned a lot from him.

This Sunday, I was informed that next week I'm going to help serve in the worship band at my church. The thing that I like about my church is that it's like a big family with two different cultures. I love my Honduran family and I love my American family. My pastor asked me this week how my spiritual relationship with Christ. His wife and he are the first people (except for my parents) to ask me that question. I know that a person cares for you when they ask you deep questions, and want to get you closer to God. I seriously appreciated that, and that's why I love going to church. I'm very excited but nervous to help serve on the worship team, so if y'all can pray for me to not be nervous, and stay strong in the Lord, that would be great.

Also, can y'all pray for my future? I know that God says not to worry about tomorrow, but I'm debating on whether to go to college at 18 or serve here in Honduras for a while longer. I really love serving here, but I want to be in God‘s will.

Thanks for reading, and if y'all need any prayer requests, I will gladly pray for y'all, and I'm sure that my family would to. Love y'all and miss y'all.

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