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Workout, Spanish, Car Repairs, and Possibly a New Opportunity......

This week I had to take a couple of days off from my workout with the boys because I kind of hurt my back a little and it took a few days to heal. I am doing so much better now and was able to get back at it with the boys yesterday with a great teamwork workout. We had to do the workout as a team, but only one person could work at a time, so the others could encourage the one doing the work. We had to do 250 push-ups, 250 walking lunges, 250 jumping pull-ups, 250 sit-ups, 250 knees-to-chest, 250 dips, 250 air-squats. It was an extensive workout and it took us an entire hour to complete. We do these workouts together so that we can stay fit and healthy to do God's work here in Honduras.

Spanish has been going very well. I have been taking classes online every week because of quarantine here. We are still in quarantine and I believe we are on day 108 now to where we are only able to go out once every two weeks for groceries. Its pretty crazy, but God is with us always. But, I will be going onto book four in Spanish next week after I take my book three test on Thursday. Please pray for me that I will do well and pass that test.

I recently had to take the car in for some car repairs and I want to thank our pastor here for helping me find a great repairman here in Comayagua. He was great and knew what he was talking about. Please pray that we don't have anymore car repairs soon.

I also want to talk about an opportunity that came up for me. There is a military base that is about 5 minutes away from our house and it looks like I may be able to do Celebrate Recovery there on the base for the military guys there. I am hoping to connect with the chaplain there on the base soon. Please pray that we can get something started there, Lord willing.

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