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Wonderful Week

This week has been a great week! But one thing I really want to talk about is marriage. Being on the mission field and being by my wife all the time has really impacted my life and has brought me closer to her. I love her so much. We have so much fun together everyday. We love hanging out after putting the boys to bed and having coffee and playing card games and just talking about our day to each other. It is very important to us to just talk about how our day went and how our classes in Spanish have gone. I also have been reading books on marriage, and we both love getting on Right Now Media and doing marriage Bible studies together to better our marriage. Living in a third world country together has really brought us closer together and are more thankful for each other each and every day. I thank God every day for giving me a wife that is forgiving, merciful, and gracious to me. She is a true wife that replicates what a wife should be like from the Bible. I am so thankful for my helper, that I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with here on earth and on the mission field.

Please continue to pray for our Spanish classes because as we get farther along it gets harder and harder. I will be taking a test on Monday for the second part of my past tense which is called "pretérito".

Thank you for your prayers and all that you do to help us live here in Honduras to learn the language so that we can bring Celebrate Recovery here to help the people of Honduras to come to know Christ.

Adios mis amigos en Cristo!!!

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