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What ministry looks like...

Hello everyone! As promised last week, I am going to share with you what ministry is like here on the island. It’s a blessing to serve here alongside some amazing servants of the Lord Jesus!

Jesus is the Solution

only rehab on the island

We are currently helping out at the local rehab doing some Bible teaching and discipleship training. Some of the people that come to rehab come with some Bible knowledge and for others it is all brand new information. It has brought me back to the sweet memories I have of being 26 years old in a Bible study class with an amazing Bible teacher at church who was very patient with me finding the books of the Bible during Sunday school and asking TONS of questions. I remember using the table of contents at the beginning of the Bible a lot during that time because I didn’t know where many of the books were. Here’s a funny I shared with the group at the rehab...I thought that the Lord‘s supper was a pot luck supper/dinner. My Bible teacher graciously and gently taught me the truth and continued to disciple my husband and I for many years. We are eternally grateful for their commitment to discipline us and are blessed to help disciple those at the rehab. I am so excited to serve/help in the same way that others came alongside me when I was first learning. It brings me great joy to see the guys and gals in the rehab digging in their Bibles (some for the first time) in a safe setting where no one will laugh at them if the take a few minutes to find a Bible book. But I get super excited when I have some that take my Bible memorization challenge to heart and come excitedly share verses. At the very beginning of the last class Alfredo excitedly shared (in Spanish, his primary language...thankful God had us study Spanish) John 3:16. He was so excited, but let me tell you what...I was sooooooo proud of him!!! He listened to our teaching of the importance of memorizing scripture (Matthew 4:4; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Psalm 119:11; Ephesians 6:17) and applied it to his life!!!! What a wise man....wisdom is knowledge applied and he did just that! Each seemed super excited to be studying the Bible with us.

We know the importance of prayer and we hope you will come alongside us for specific prayer requests. Here are some of the people in the rehab and their prayer requests...


Asked for prayer for health and strength.

Walter (graduated from the program a while back and is now a leader)

He learned to read and write a tiny, little bit last year using the Celebrate Recovery Bible he received, but wants to learn to fully Read and write. He is asking for prayer that God would bring someone to teach him fully how to read and write. He is also asking for prayer his family, especially for his son that wants to move from the mainland to here on the island. Lastly he is praying for a wife (his last wife died of cancer) and to fix his teeth...he is missing a tooth on the bottom.


(He’s the one who said excitedly John 3:16 to me)

He is asking that you come alongside him in prayer for his recovery and children. Also the guitar in the picture is the rehab’s, so he is asking for prayer that God will provide him his very own so that he can use his fingers and voice to sing praises to God all the time. His desire is to preach to everyone in need and to never go back to the past.


(graduated from the program a while back and is now a leader...and also our translator when needed)

His main prayer request right now is for a wife. He is also asking if you can pray for his appetite to return as he hasn’t been feeling so well.


He is asking that you came alongside him in prayer in these specific areas: change my life, addiction, attitude, for a job, to help his family, to be a father to his children.


He is asking that you pray for unity within his family as they are split up. He also would like for you to pray for his spiritual life.


(She graduated and returned back to her family on the mainland. Prayers please for her during this transition and to stay strong.)

She asked for prayers for her recovery. She also wanted prayers for her family (son that is 10 years old and a daughter who is 5 years old). Lastly, she loves to bake to cook and would like a place to work at doing that.


He asked for prayer for his family to be guided by God. Come alongside him in praising God as he thanks God for being his light at day and night.


He is asking prayers for god to change his life and give him wisdom and understanding.


He just left the rehab before finishing. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!! Please pray God brings him back to the rehab. The last time we saw him he was asking for prayer to not return to drugs. See his prayer card crying out for prayer....


He has asked for prayer in these areas: to take the addiction from him, to restore his family and kids, to help people that are going through the same thing as him, and to have a good job.


He is asking that you pray that God gives him the strength to change, that his family will help him, and to change his character. Lastly you might notice he would not smile showing teeth...his two front teeth have bad decay and is asking for prayer to get that fixed so he can smile big.


He is asking for prayer that his family can forgive him for the bad he has done, that the mom of his daughter can help him while he is in rehab, and that everyone in the rehab will be blessed.

Dylon Price He is the director of the program. Prayers as he follows God’s leading to show others that Jesus is the Solution.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. God is doing great things here in Roatan!!! Prayers as we meet to discuss Celebrate Recovery running on Saturday afternoons. We are super pumped!!!

Last thing...ministry sometimes just looks like helping out where needed, when needed. The ladies Bible study at our church helped the local clinic today sort through medications. It was a great time of fellowship and service.

God is good and we are honored to be used to being Him glory!!!

Night y’all! See you next week here on the blog!

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