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What I gave up to be a missionary kid and what God blessed me with in exchange...

Hey guys this week has been pretty good. This week I am going to write a blog on the topic of what missionary kids give up but recieve in place of it. So here it is. One thing I gave up is my toys especially my legos which I loved. Although I gave these things up, God has blessed me with a few toys to play with also my family and friends to play with. When I lived in the states we had a beautiful house on the lake with a whole mess of fishing equipment, but we had to sell it to go on missions. God blessed us in replace for a house right on the beach. I only have to walk about 50 steps to be right on the beach. Being a missionary kid you get to explore the world and have many experiences that most kids don't have. I have went to India, Thailand, and Honduras. I have had the experience to see their different cultures. The major thing I had to give up is having it easy to visit my Grandparents. I now have to wait for our family to go back to the states to visit them, but thank God for the apps that help us virtually talk and see thier faces. As a missionary kid I gave up a lot of things and recieved a lot of blessings in exchange.

Taking Spanish classes was fun and I can truely say I have learned a lot. I can now hold a conversation in Spanish using all the tenses I know. I am now trying to work on putting all I have learned into practice. I am learnig a little more each day from my parents and friends. Pray that I will use it with other people.

Here in Roatan our mission to help bring Celebrate Recovery. Every Monday we are doing CR in the Rehab. Pray for us as we get CR going and pray many more will come. Also pray God will give me divine oppointments to share the gospel.

Thank y'all for reading my blog. God bless y'all. See you next Tuesday.

The beach by our house...

Me at Celebrate Recovery with a chip to remember our 1st night there in Roatan Honduras...

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