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Well Needed Trip to the States

Hey all, this past month has been a planning month to get Celebrate Recovery relaunched in Roatan, Honduras. We are going to be launching it in March of 2023, but this month I have been getting people pumped up for the launch in March. I have been making slide shows and speaking each week at church to get everyone excited for Celebrate Recovery. We will be doing Celebration Place which is K - 5th grade, The Landing which is 6th - 12th grade, and Celebrate Recovery which is for adults. We have been working a planning to get this started and also training others to help lead the Recovery program. We know God is so good and He will do marvelous things in Honduras through Celebrate Recovery.

I am starting my 6th semester at Eternity Bible College. I only have a year and half left and I will have my Bachelor's of Advanced Biblical and Cultural Exegesis. I am so excited, and I have already been accepted to Luther Rice College and Seminary for my Masters of Divinity. I will be starting there as soon as I finish my Bachelor's. I have a goal to have my Doctorate of Ministry done by 2030. I am asking that you pray for me that I may be able to accomplish this goal. God has given me the hunger for His word and I am so excited to be able to go back to school and learn more about His word.

I was recently on a video chat with my family and my dad made a comment to me that really threw me off. While I was on the phone with him, he said, "Will y'all come back for my funeral?" This really threw me off and it had me start looking for plane tickets. I told Lorenda there is no way that we are going to be able to go to the states because of the prices of tickets were way too high. They were around $800 plus. One day Lorenda decided to look them up again and I can tell you, God is so good, the tickets were half price. I told her to book them right away. We were able to go and see my family on January 20th and we will be staying till February 20th. I am so glad that we were able to come and see them before we launched the Celebrate Recovery in Roatan. We are having a great time seeing them and spending a lot of time with them. We have also been able to visit all of the churches that are a part of us being in Roatan. It has truly been a great trip.

One thing that we got to do while we are here is to see our youngest son Guenther get his learners permit. He is very nervous so I ask that you pray for him to overcome his anxiety of being very nervous to drive.

Please continue to pray for us as we do God's work in Honduras. We love being there and we love making relationships with the people of Honduras. God is so good and He will not let His work be thwarted.

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