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Weight Gain and Friends

Hey y'all! I can't wait to share my adventures from February.

One whole year of singing...WOW! You're probably wondering what this means "one whole year of singing". To cut to the chase, I'm going to share with you the reason why I sang every day for one whole year. I have mentioned I have a medical condition called rumination syndrome in other recent blog posts. Many people think of it as ruminating thoughts, but this syndrome has to do with food. Another way to describe it is regurgating my food and re-eating it over and over again. For example, a cow eats and chews on it's cud, and that's the same with me. What that means is I eat a meal and bring it back up and chew on it (the meal tastes the same, not like throw up). Last April I got to a point where I was a bag of bones and in really bad shape. So my mom gave me 2 options: go to the psychiatric ward (like I did last time...rumination syndrome is a mental health disorder) to get help or figure out a solution to gain weight by not ruminating. I decided to figure out a solution because I did not want to go to the psych ward again. My solution was to sing all day long...because I can't ruminate my food and sing at the same time. I have struggled with this for years and lost a lot of weight doing this, while starving my body of nutrition. So this past year I have sang every day, all day, for one year...and in 10 months I double my weight and got to goal weight for my age. I am so grateful for all of the prayers and support. Thank y'all for lifting me up in prayer along the years of me fighting my sin. Please pray that I learn to hate this sin, because since I've stopped signing I have lost 5 pounds.

Here is a before and after picture...

This month I had the time of my life. If I could I would turn back time and do it again. I went to a conference that was for missionaries all over Honduras...people from cities, little pueblos, and even remote parts of Honduras. It was super duper fun meeting new friends from all over Honduras. I made a new friend, Nathan, and he is one of the coolest people I met. His dad is a missionary pilot. The whole conference, me and him hung out all of the time. It was so much fun and I can't wait until next years conference.

Here is a picture of me and Nathan, as well as a group photo of the youth...

Praise Report

*doubled my weight in 10 months by singing worship instead of ruminating my food

*made a new friend, Nathan

Prayer Request

*keep fighting against my addiction to ruminate my food

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