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Week of fun and starting back school

Last week and this week was very fun or in other terms...fantastic. Our mom let us have a free week off to let out all our energy, most importantly to let her get a break. I call it a teacher's week off. This week I started to love pool and started to practice it. I devoted to practice it to one day beat my grandpa Lee in pool. I also played a lot this week and probably built up my cardio. Not only did I play, I baked in the hot sun sometimes coloring a masterpiece or other times just chillin.

*Here's a picture of me in my favorite chair coloring...

These past few days we have started school again. I am doing a dual history class with Messiah about US History. I have learned that Christopher Columbus' motives to set sail was because of selfish gain. Also, we learned about the Black Legend, Jamestown, Plymouth and more. I am learning a lot. One of the main reasons I am starting to love school is because I am learning with my brother and mom. We make homeschool more interesting, for example we would speak in an old English accent while reading. As I am learning about history of the world, I hear a lot of countries saying they are devoted to God, when they turn around and treat the Native American Indians like rags. I believe if we are devoted to God we need to treat our fellow brothers with respect and listen to Psalm 133:1. So I pray we would start being nice not mean to one-another.

Not only did I start regular school, but I started back taking Spanish classes but now they are all online. My teacher and I chatted for a few minutes to catch up because I haven't took Spanish classes in a little while since the quarantine. I learned a new lesson and it was pretty easy to pick up. I learned how to use pronouns in sentences. For example, the direct object would by my hands and instead of saying hands over and over again, I would use "it" as the pronoun. Okay in Spanish; "it" would be la or lo. That was what I learned starting back language school.

*Here's a picture of my lesson on pronouns...

Thank you for reading my blog and may God bless you this day.

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