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We are now residents!!!!!

We are now residents of Honduras. It has been a long-working process to obtain our residency and now we have it. THANK YOU JESUS!!! We can now travel all over Honduras without having to leave the country every 90 days.

We had a Christmas party at the Spanish Institute for the teachers and students. It was a great party. We had tamales and sweets. My favorite was the tamales and the wonderful gingerbread cake with whip cream. Afterwards we gave out secret friend gifts. I got a watch from my secret friend and I gave a giant candy cane and some pringles and fudge to my secret friend (Messiah). The party was great. It would have been better if my wonderful and beautiful wife would have been able to be there, but she is resting because on Friday morning she rolled her ankle at the gym and has severely sprained her ankle. We have been keeping a lot of ice on it and keeping it elevated. Please pray that she has a speedy recovery because we are traveling to southern Honduras soon and she needs to be able to walk.

We will be traveling around town this Tuesday night for caroling. Messiah will be leading the singing so pray that we all sing well and others will know the love of Christ through us.

Until next time.....

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