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Two Exciting Ministry Opportunities on the Horizon

Hello Everyone! Hope y'all are doing well! It is HOT here in sunny Roatan, Honduras, but the Lord's work is still in full force.

May has been a busy month, but a great one! Two very exciting ministry opportunities are on the horizon and we are so very excited to see all that God is going to do through each of these opportunities to be a light for Jesus here in Honduras.

1. Speech Language Pathology Services

Some of you know, while others of you my not know...I am a licensed Speech Language Pathologist. I graduated in 2010 with a masters degree in Communication Disorders. I only worked for a few years when my oldest asked me to homeschool him. So in 2014 I stopped working as an SLP full time and became my kids full time teacher. The good news is that I have kept up with my SLP license, ASHA CCCs, type 73 teaching certificate and continuing education. Word got out here in Roatan, Honduras that there is a licensed SLP living on the island full time and boom...I was flooded with messages about helping many children who were having speech and language difficulties. A few school have reached out to me to hire me as an SLP and a bunch of families messaged me looking for support. I began to talk with some families here one on one and also did a presentation at the only special education school on the island, Cattelya. I am building relationships with the therapists at a local therapy center (all in Spanish) and seeing what God does with all of this. I am in prayer for God's guiding and leading to use my skills as an SLP to help the people of Roatan, Honduras how ever Abba Father sees fit. Will you pray with me for God's guidance in this area?

In case you asking, “What is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)?

Me giving a presentation at Cattelya about Speech and Language Services.

After talking with another SLP who is on the mainland of Honduras, she informed me that she only knows of 4 licensed SLPs in the entire country...her (from Puerto Rico), her sister (from Puerto Rico), me and another lady from the US. The universities here in Honduras do not have our degree, which would explain why the profession is almost non-existent. They started a phono-audiology program here in Honduras a few years back and they should be graduating their first group of students soon I believe. They will have some similar skills, but not exactly the same.

Good news...a retired SLP came to the island to go diving and mentioned that she has an office full of speech and language materials that she is willing to donate. Cattelya, the special education school here on the island, has agreed to cover the shipping!!! God is providing already for the work he has set for me to do here. Praise God for his faithfulness. Also the SLP on the mainland is willing to help me in anyway she can, she even sent me some materials through email. I am just praying to get my speech and language materials here that are in storage in Alabama (mainly all my notes from my masters program to refresh my brain since speech hasn't been at the forefront of my mind in a few years), getting testing materials in English and Spanish to be brought here to Honduras, as well as getting therapy materials (the materials donated by the SLP I mentioned above are all in English) in Spanish brought here to Honduras. Will you pray with me on these things?

I also got re-evaluated by the Spanish Language Institute of Honduras to find out what my Spanish level is currently to start back classes online to finish the program. The program consists of 6 books and I was starting book 5. My first classes will consist of review and then pressing forward. Will you pray with me that God opens my mind to learn Spanish fluently for his glory?

2. Starting back Celebrate Recovery Large Group and Small Group Soon

Once we completed a year of Spanish language school in August 2019 we moved to the island of Honduras (Roatan) where we were helping run a Celebrate Recovery (CR) at a local drug and alcohol rehab. The director of the rehab wanted to stop having CR at the rehab for various difficulties that were going on in the rehab. After prayer, we then began one outside of the rehab through R Church in February 2021. Then in July 2021 we had to leave for the states to attend the CR Summit (annual conference) and take our oldest child, Messiah, to college. At that time we didn't have enough leadership to keep the program going, so we decided to take a break and start back up when we returned from the states. We were in the states for 6 weeks. We came back and started CR back up, but quickly realized the difficulty of restarting something after being gone for a little while. The faithful attenders were ready for something deeper, so that is when through prayer we started a men's step study group in our home that is still going on today. Tyler meets with them weekly and it is going great. They are finishing up book 2 of 4 very soon and more importantly God is moving in their group.

Now that brings us to today. We have been praying for God's timing on re-starting up the Celebrate Recovery large group and small group again through R Church. R Church is working right now on building a learning center here on the island and the goal is for it to be somewhat useable by November and fully useable after the new year. Construction can be kind of crazy here and timeless are general, but that is what we have so far. We are praying for God to raise up and identify leaders and volunteers here in Roatan, Honduras as we hope to run the program 2 different times, one in English and one in Spanish. We hope to run the program in its entirety to help the whole family find healing: Celebrate Recovery (18 and up), The Landing (youth CR), and Celebration Place (K-5 CR). Will you pray along side us for this new and exciting ministry opportunity on the horizon? Will you also pray for me as I’m translating the kids and youth program into Spanish?

Celebrate Recovery is for more than drugs and alcohol.

The Landing (CR for youth)

Celebration Place (CR for kids K-5th)

Other Ministry updates:


We are blessed to continue to be a part of the Bible teaching team at the rehab. Our days to teach is Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11am. It is a blessing and an honor to be able to pour into the lives of those working on thier recovery at the only drug and alcohol rehab on the island, Jesus is the Solution.

Life group

Tuesday evenings from 4-6pm we get to be poured into while attending a life group led by an elder at R Church. Then on Thursday evenings from 5-7pm we are blessed to lead a life group at our house. Both are a huge blessing!


The church we have been attending since we moved to Roatan, Honduras is R Church and they have services every Sunday morning at 10am, as well as many opportunities to serve all over the island. We are blessed to be apart of this body of believers.

Another church we try to attend often is El Shaddai. This church has a lot of different services, but the main one we attend is on Sunday nights at 7pm for their general church service. This church is also a blessing to our family! But this one is all in Spanish!

The other major church we attend is West End Baptist Church with our Landlord. Typically we try to go on Wednesday nights from Prayer meeting, but now they have a women's meeting on Monday nights that I am beginning to attend. The asked me to teach at the next women's night, so please be praying for me to be a vessel used by God to touch the hearts of his people there.

Building Shareen a bathroom

Slowly but surely the bathroom is coming along. We are waiting to get a stucco quote to make the walls flat and paintable. Then we need to go to the hardware store to get a few supplies to get the door up and start putting everything inside. Pray that we can complete this project this month.

Heaven's medical care

Heaven is doing great and is currently working on attending therapy weekly. Because of y'alls generous giving for her, we are able to cover her monthly therapy fee while her mom pays to take a taxi to therapy. She is currently receiving speech therapy in Spanish on Monday and physical therapy on Wednesday.

Thank you is not enough, but that's what I have to offer you. For all of your prayers and financial support for all God is doing here in Roatan, Honduras. THANK YOU!

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