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This Month Went By So Fast!

I really want to talk about one of the greatest things we did this month. This month of February, we went to two different conferences that really poured into us spiritually. The first conference that we went to was a two-day marriage conference that was held at our pastor's house with about 10 to 12 other couples from the church. The couple that ran the conference were amazing and have helped us out in so many ways. One of the major things we took from this conference was giving your spouse your first fruits. We hear this all the time in our giving to the Lord, but we never hear about doing it for our spouse. Being in full-time ministry and in full-time Bible college, I tend to give my wife my energy that is left over at the end of the day and that usually is nothing or very little. We were taught that we need to be giving our first fruits to our spouse before we give it to all that are around us or even to ourselves. After this conference, Lorenda and I started to get up at 4am and spend about an 40 minutes to an hour with the Lord, and then we sit and have coffee together for about 20 minutes. After, we go to the gym for about an hour and then we come home and walk the beach together and talk. Then, we come home sit and have more coffee and then have breakfast together before ever getting our ministry day started. This has truly helped me to spend time with God, my wife, self-care on myself, and then ministry. It has truly helped our relationship and has put it on a new level. The second conference that we went to was the Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries (HFMM) conference. This conference gave us a boost and a fill-up of encouragement for us to come back to the island and keep striving in the ministry that God has called us here to do. This was a three day conference in the capital city of Honduras called Tegucigalpa. We did not think we were going to be able to go because it is kind of expensive to fly there for three people and stay in a hotel. HFMM put out a message saying that if anyone could not come because of funds they could contact them because there were some donors that sent scholarships for people to be able to come to the conference. They were able to pay for our plane tickets, and our hotel. We were so amazed and shocked that we were going to be able to go. We learned so much, but one of the things that was taught that stuck out to me the most was grace. We were given grace as a gift and we need to also give grace as a gift to others. I am so thankful for these two conferences that we were able to go to.




As you all know, we work at the local rehab here on the island called "JESUS IS THE SOLUTION". We teach there two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have been going through Romans Road with them and teaching them that God has a plan for them. We have seen so many come and go and we have seen so many that have completely changed their life over to God. There are a few that have started ministries themselves because they want to be fully devoted to God and to help change lives for the Kingdom. I ask that you continue praying for this group of men and women to come to know Jesus, change their life, and do God's will for their life.

I was so excited to see my youngest son Guenther take what he got for Christmas and bless an island boy to do something fun. This boy's name is Banito and he does not have much and could never afford to go and do something like parasailing to have fun. Guenther took what money he made from Christmas and paid for himself and Banito to go parasailing. I was able to go on the boat and watch them have this great experience. Afterwards we were able to take the family out for lunch and spend all afternoon with them. We continue to go and do things with this family. The following Sunday we went to a place called Punta Gorda where the Garifuna tribe lives on the island. We were able to sit and have a local dish (called Machuca) prepared for us and also walk the streets to see some local tribal music and to see the beautiful scenery. This was a great experience for us to see this on the island. Please pray that our relationship with this family will continue to grow and that the family unit will stay intact in Jesus.

One of my favorite things I do in the week is host and teach a life-group Bible study at our house. We are working on putting file folders of the Bible in the minds of the ones who come to the study. What we are studying is called "13 Weeks Through the Bible" and this helps people be able to put different parts of the Bible in different file folders in their mind so that in a later time they can know when someone is teaching about something where it is in the Bible and what division it is under. So here is a quick outline of what we do for the 13 weeks.


Week 1 - Creation, Adam, Pre - Patriarchal

Eve, Noah

Week 2 - Abraham, Isaac, Patriarchal

Jacob, Joseph

Week 3 - Moses Exodus

Week 4 - Joshua - entering Conquest

the promised land

Week 5 - Gideon, Deborah, Judges


Week 6 - Saul, David, Kingdom


Week 7 - Elijah, Elisha Divided Kingdom

Week 8 - Daniel Captivity

Week 9 - Temple Rebuilt Restoration


Week 10 - The Gospels Christ

(Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)

Week 11 - Acts Missions

So the first week we talk about an introduction to the Bible and how it was founded and the inspiration behind it, then we go into the 11 natural divisions of the Bible. Week 6 is broken up into two weeks because there is so much to talk about in that time frame. All of this gives you 13 weeks through the Bible. Our small group has actually become a family and we look out for each other and we pray for each other and we can call upon each other whenever we are in need. I ask that you continue to pray for this tight knit group and that we continue to do things for the Kingdom work that still needs to be done here on earth.

One last thing I wanted to talk about is my college. I am currently in my Sophomore year and I am doing so well. I am holding down a 3.6 GPA and am taking 18 credit hours. Mostly all of my extra time during the day goes to school online. I do not want to be prideful but I wanted to share with you a quick message I got from my professor: "Hey Tyler, Great Job on this final! Seriously, this is not an easy final. You did a great job preparing and it was clear in your earlier questions and responses. It's also obvious that you know Isaiah well enough to get out some really quality stuff in an appropriate amount of time. Great job this semester and great job pushing through some difficulties along the way." Ernesto Duke. This message really encouraged me and inspired me to keep thriving forward and to never give up. I am so thankful for this college and all that they are offering me. Please pray that I continue to do well in my studies and that I keep persevering forward to the finish line.

Lastly, I would like to share about Celebrate Recovery. Lorenda has been working hard on translating the children’s program into Spanish. Also I am running a men’s step study group on Monday nights. We are in book 2 and we are about to start our inventories. I ask that you pray for us as we work on the hurts that have caused us to have hang-ups and habits.

Thank you all for your continued support in prayer and funds. With your prayer and funds, so much is being done for the Kingdom work here in Honduras. We have a lot of things planned for this upcoming month of March so stay tuned for later details.

Thanks and God bless you all,

Tyler Adams

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