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There’s EXCITEMENT in the air...

Hey guys! I have exciting news for all who are reading my blog. Our family is going to be moving this month to Roatan (a little island off the coast Honduras). After days of prayer our family felt the calling to go to Roatan and serve with the rehab we got connected to on our trip to Roatan last October. I am sooooo excited and nervous to see what God is going to do in our lives. Pray that our family finds a suitable house on the beach that is in our price range. Also, pray that we have peace as we pack and get prepared to move. And finally pray we arrive their safely. Thank y'all in advance for your prayers.

Spanish School is going wonderful. I only have a few more classes left and then I am done. My Spanish is slowly improving. I am still learning past tense. I am learning how to use gerunds with a past tense verb. For example if I were to say, "Usually my mom was swimming while I was playing pool." This sentence translated would be, "Usualamente mí mamá estaba nadando/bañando mientras yo estaba jugando billar." Notes from my Spanish class...

I also have more exciting news. I have learned all my "WHO I AM in CHRIST" (91 sayings and Bible verses that expess who you are in Christ) cards in Spanish. Now I can fully share these verses here both in Spanish and English.

My ”Who I Am“ in Christ phrases and references...(I have all the verses memorized too)

My ”Quién Soy“ in Christ phrases and references I’m Spanish...(I have all the verses memorized too)

Thanks for reading my blog. Remember to pray for our family as we move to Roatan. See you next tuesday possibly blooging from Roatan.

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