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The Presentation and Deadly Workout!!!

Whew!!! This week has been a good one. I worked on a tribal presentation of the Maya Indians... just kidding. Me and my mom did Kawahka tribe in the middle of the department of Gracias a Dios and Olancho of Honduras. This tribe has opened my eyes to the needy people of Honduras. If a person is working for a company he only gets paid $0.20 a day. Also I learned that these people don’t have doctors so they take them to a witch doctor. The reason we did this presentation is for Honduran Independence Day. I shared this in front of all the teachers and students of the language school ,IN SPANISH!!!

Now on to the deadly workout. We got invited to work out on Saturday on Independence Day for Honduras. And little did we know we had to run 1 mile ,complete 37 burpees, and 20 air squats for 3 rounds in 45 min. Plus, we had judges. Guess what, I completed it and got 4th in my round. I loved it, but almost died, and to top it we had a cookout after the workout.

Adios!!! or Bye!!!

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