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September - The Highs and the Lows

Buen dia amigos, it is good to see you all again or technically, talk to you all again. This September I want to share with you how things are going here in Honduras.

An Unexpected Surprise

It was a sudden surprise that my mom was going to the states by herself. My mom knew if she told me a couple of days before, I would have severe anxiety, so instead, she decided to tell me that she was going to the states the day before she was leaving. Right before this, we were in San Pedro Sula getting my passport renewed and visiting with a friend. We pretty much had a tour around the entire city and before I knew it we arrived back at the airport to head back to the island. This is when my mom decided to tell me that she was going to the states and that she will not be coming back to the island with us. I thought she was pranking me and when it became real I started to cry. Then, a few weeks later I found out that she was having surgery and I immediately assumed the worse case scenario. Once she explained the surgery to me, I realized that it was not a major surgery and that it would be perfectly fine. Through it all, I have learned that although I was down and sad, God was there and is still there picking me back up and comforting me through it all. This was my low, but it was my high at the same time because I get to know my dad more and hang out with him more.


You are probably wondering what is pickleball? To answer your question it is like a life-size version of ping pong on steroids. We just started back playing from not playing in about ten months. I am getting pretty good at it and right now I am working on spinning the ball. It is by far my favorite sport to play.


Another high this month was hanging out with friends. I got invited to a youth group on Saturday nights from 7:30pm till about 9pm. It has been really fun hanging out with friends my age and ultimately hearing the island talk. During the week, I also get a chance to hang out with the kid that lives down the street. He is so cool and rad. We get to play soccer, laugh, and talk and well, I do most of the talking. I am starting to get really good at handling the soccer ball and making penalty shots. It is such an honor and privilege to have close friends.

Praise Report

I get a lot more time with my dad during this time that my mom is away.

Prayer Request

To have a pure and clean heart

To get control of my anxiety

That is all for now. I will catch you in the next months for more adventures!!!

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