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The first class, and a possible new best friend!!!

Hi guys, it's Messiah. I am so excited to tell y'all that I took my first class to be apart of the worship team at my church in Comyagua. I am very excited that they teach a class before a person can serve in the church. This class is for anyone who wants to serve in the church, whether you're wanting to be on the worship team, or to be a Sunday school teacher. Now that I have taken the first class, I only need three more classes to go, and I have one every Sunday. I am soooooo glad that God has led us to the church that we are in right now, because I love it. I also love hanging out with the pastor and his wife because they are always fun to be around. We have established a very strong relationship with them, and I look forward to see not only them, but the whole church family.

Now for some absolutely positively awesome news: I MAY HAVE A DOG IN A FEW MONTHS. My mom and dad said that I could have a dog is if I provided funds for it. That means that I have to work to feed it, bathe it, and take care of it. Right now, I am working on raising money to have the funds to do it. I have been working and getting some money, because I really want a dog. I'm going to start cleaning the house, and more to help myself provide for the dog. A missionary has a dog that is pregnant and will have puppies in January, then of course you have to leave the puppy with its mom for a few weeks. This gives me time to get money, and save up. The missionary has a German shepherd, and hopefully I'll have him in a few months. It's definitely going to be a boy, and his name is going to be Mac: a good o'l southern name. So please pray that I work hard and get money.

Now I'm going to test your memory. Do any of y'all remember what I needed to complete the Christmas tree? guess before you look at the picture. hint...usually we put them on the tree, but not going to this year since it‘s hot and ants like sugar. 😉

Yummy Candy Canes 😋

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