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The Best Week Ever!!!

Hey guys! This week was the best week in my entire life. We moved to Roatan (an island off the coast of Honduras) and what an experience!!! We had to get up bright and early to drive to La Ceiba at 1:00am. (a place in Honduras where we took the plane to go to Roatan). When we arrived in La Ceiba, we flew on a tiny plane that had 19 seats that were sooo close together and I believe that was the smallest plane I have ever been on. The plane ride was only 15 minutes, but it was still an experience that I will remember. The view of the sky was amazing and I was thinking of how God sees it from heaven. When we arrived to Roatan it was hot, there were gorgeous flowers and an amazing ocean view. Later that evening, I was sooo tired that I almost fell asleep eating dinner LOL. Moving to Roatan was a crazy and an exciting experience.

Here’s how small the airplane was....

This is us inside the airplane...

This is in front of us on the airplane...

This is me reading my devotion enjoying the view at our friends place until We have our own place...

This blog I want to ask for your prayers becuase I am trying to figure out what God's ministry is for me here on the island. I only have a few more Spanish classes left and then I start doing whatever God calls me to do. Right now I am comming alongeside helping with my parent’s ministry, Celebrate Recovery, until God reveals to me what He wants me to do in Honduras. I know my ministry is sharing the gospel, but I don't know exactly how God is going to use my gifts and talents to serve Him. Please pray for me and as soon as God reveals his area of ministry for me I will let y'all know.

Spanish school was amazing today because it was my first time taking online classes in Roatan. Today in class since I couldn't take notes (they were coming on a shipping container) my teacher and I just reviewed over the things I learned the past few to use gerunds with a past tense verb, how to describe people physically, and how to conjugate verbs in imperfect. Great news... I didn‘t have any homework since I don‘t have my note pads and spanish books. My español (spanish) is doing great and I am improving slowly.

Thank y'all for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed it. Dios le bendiga esta noche.(God bless you this night). Pray for our family’s ministry, my ministry and safety on this Island. Okay see you next week for more updates and experiences in my life journey in Honduras. Adios!!!

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