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The “behind the scenes” God story on our house rental

As promised last week, I wanted to share with you about how we found a house so quickly....all I can say is God is good!! Pictures are below for those who like to “be here with us” in pictures.

We started looking for houses when we knew we were moving to the island to serve full time...God gave us a 2 weeks notice, hey that’s better than same day!

We we’re looking for a place close to the beach that was safe for the boys; our family loves to swim. We got some rude comments from expats when looking for a house on the beach and we’re told in a round about way that missionary and beach house don’t go together and a whole bunch of other nasty things about God that I won’t mention here. I responded in love, thanks to the Holy Spirit living in me...for those of you that knew me before Christ know what I mean, I could be so hateful with my words just like they were to me, BUT GOD in me responded in love! I knew God was going to find us a little house on the beach. He put the love of water in my heart when I was a little girl. I figured that in reality he owns the beach (really everything) and wouldn't mind if we enjoyed His creation (the sand, sea, water animals) while serving here in the island.

We searched and searched and searched, but ran into either the house not being on the safest beach for the kids or really, really expensive vacation rentals that most wouldn't consider renting long term. Then I came across a 2 bedroom in a safe place on the beach and FINALLY had a sweet lady trying to work with us, thank God! The only problem was that all of her units were designed for short term vacation rentals (smaller living, smaller appliances, no closets or storage, etc), BUT she was willing to work with us. She connected us to the owner of the property and that’s where God used him to connect us to a local that lived down the beach from him that was considering renting her short term vacation rental long term, yay God!! We would have never found her online as I don’t think she advertises her property online and we wouldn’t have found her by driving by the property as it is a little ways off the main road. It was totally a God thing! The owner who connectEd us with our current landlord drove his 4 wheeler to the house and video chatted us to show us the house before we were on the island and then showed it to us once we got there. He was so super helpful!! We are grateful God had it all lined up and for those who helped us along the way!

A little bit about the is a 2bed 1.5bath, the smallest house we have ever lived in as a family (less to clean, but only 1 shower for all of us). The property we are on has a lot of family of the sweet lady who is renting the house to us living all around us and other super nice neighbors. It is a safe place for the boys to swim and hang out in front of the house. The rent was in budget...we just have to watch electricity as that can get super expensive on the island (in other words we need to adjust to the hot temps and try to use fans and not AC). All in all we are blessed for sure! It’s just the right small cozy beach house for us during this time.

Here‘s pictures of the house...

The front of our house (it has a duplicate unit attached to it)

Our living room (was furnished already)

Our kitchen (already had basic appliances needed)

Our dining area (already furnished)

2 sinks in the bathroom!!!!

Shared shower

2nd bedroom

Larger bedroom

Extra space in larger bedroom

The house in front of our and our little walk to the beach

Just remember “Nuestra casa es su casa“...”Our house is your house”!

Stay tuned to next weeks post about what ministry looks like as we start serving on the island.

Because eternity matters...ALL for JESUS!!!

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