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Thanks Be to God!!!!

This week has been an off the chain week. This thanksgiving I played american football with some adults at night, and let me tell you it was super duper fun. I made many touchdowns and kicked the ball off. This thanksgiving not only did we have fun we thanked God for another Thanksgiving.

Thanks be to God we have a TV now. We looked everywhere for the lowest prices on a TV while it was Black Friday. Our family finally found one that suits us perfect and we got an additional surround sound with a DVD player that in my opinion will blow you out. I mean when you are watching a movie that has rain it actually feels like your in a tropical rain forest. All glory and praise is to God alone, because without him we couldn't enjoy the opportunity to watch movies. This week has been awesome and fun.

My spanish is improving day by day, and Iam talking a lot more to people. I am learning how to make my sentences more detailed.

Thank y'all for your prayers and support! Catch you up in the next blog.

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