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Thank you God for where you have placed my family and I.

I am so blessed at where God has placed us. We have been able to start Celebrate Recovery at the rehab and we are going through the step study books with them. We have been a part of three guys graduating from the rehab. One guy is back with his family and wants to continue coming to CR at the rehab on Monday nights. The second guy stayed at the rehab to become a leader and help the other men there get clean. The third guy graduated today and he has a job starting tomorrow at 7am. We are so proud of these guys and we hope that many more will graduate, follow Christ, and become leaders in their own community. This is the one who wants to be a leader at the rehab His name is Samuel:

This is Dishon He is back reunited with his family and wants to continue coming to CR on Monday nights:

This is Alfredo. He graduated today and now has a job starting tomorrow morning at 7am.

We are also starting a CR for the west side of the island soon. It will be open to all. What we need prayer for is that the people that want to come that don’t have cars can find a way to get there, because my car can only fit 7 and we are pretty full most of the time. We don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. God is on the move here on the island. This place will soon be known for diving and for being a beacon for Jesus!!!

Thanks and God bless.

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