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Test tomorrow!!!!

Y’all time is flying....even though i am still in a boot with crutches (4 more weeks and then another X-ray to check if it’s healed). Please pray it’s healed!!!

Our focus this year was to learn Spanish and it is going great!!!!

Here’s the behind reason why we are studying the language for a year....our friends who we’re bringing Celebrate Recovery to Honduras before us, gave us advice [stressed the importance] that we needed learn the language before jumping into service work here. We then spoke with other missionaries and the thing ALL of them said was, “I wish I would have studied the language longer.” So with this great advice, began our great adventure here at the Spanish Language Institute of Honduras.

We have been taking classes daily for 7 months now (4 months to go). I will be taking book 3 test tomorrow and the next week starting on book 4 of 6. These next 3 books should each take about a month, so I’m super pumped that I will be able to complete the Spanish program here, which gives me a solid base for our lives here in Honduras. So prayers please that the tests go well written and one oral.

Love and miss y’all bunches!! Thanks for your prayers and support!!!

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