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Test And Roatan

Hey guys, sorry that I missed the past few weeks. The first week I missed, I was sick, the second week, we were in Roatan. But I’m back now!!!

I didn’t tell y’all about my first Spanish test, but I got a 92%, and am now on book 2.

Last week we went to Roatan with a group to start a Celebrate Recovery. The group had about 10 projects to do in 8 days. One of them was to help start a Celebrate Recovery, and we were supposed to help with it.

I loved Roatan because the water was sooooo clear. I made a good connection with some of the team and loved it. On Sunday, the pastor let me help lead worship. I helped a guy named Ceejay and I had such a fun time helping.

One of the parts of the trip that meant most to me was visiting a place called punta caliente (this translates to hot point). We went to give gifts and presents to a church that another pastor led. First I helped a 4 year boy named Christiano to color a big heart.

He loved every minute of it and later, he played soccer with me and other kids, and I was actually able to communicate with him because I know some Spanish. If you want friends here, all you have to do is play soccer. Every kid here loves soccer and will play it until the sun goes down.

After, we went to a place called Little French Key. There, I Saw a white lion and a jaguar.

We are definitely going back to Roatan to help with the CR. If y’all ever get a chance to come to Honduras, it’s an eye opener and your heart will be changed. Ok I’ll talk to y’all next week, and hope to see y’all soon.

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