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Team Work! Celebrate!

This week was a very good week that was filled with a valuable lesson.

This week we didn't really go to the rehab, except last night. My main point is for this week is that all of the ministries work as a team. I got to see how other ministries help each other. A clinic here helps give medicine to the rehab we are working with. Also the people help the Clinic, by counting pills, so the doctors don't have to. Many people help support the rehab by bringing food, clothes, and financal aid. The list keeps on going and going. This week I am reminded to work together as a team and not be so divided. I encourage y'all to remember to always work as a team and not be divided.

Celebration! Yesterday November 9th, 2020 is 8 years since we came to our wonderful family. I am so glad God placed us with two wonderful parents who I can love and trust. I am also glad they made one of their greatest decisions which changed their lives and that was adopting us. My brother and I often joke saying "We adopted them". We have went so many places and made soo many memories these last 8 years. I love my forever family and can't wait to make many more memories.

Thank y'all for reading my blog.

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