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Sweet Christian Sisters ✝️💗

God is so good!!!! Everywhere God has moved our family, he has blessed me with sweet Christian sisters. Moving a lot and serving in lots of different places means saying “see you later” to a lot of amazing family and friends. This can be really lonely at times, BUT GOD always blesses me with more Christian sisters that love HIM and love HIS WORD. I went to my first women’s get together at our local church here in Honduras and here’s how it went....I was soooo excited to go and when I got there it was an art project 😳, painting the emotions of our life with watercolors. To be honest I panicked a little because I am awful at art, but I just went with it and let God guide my art. It ended up being an amazing time of sweet fellowship and It was really amazing To look back on the growth in my life because of God’s love, grace and mercy! Plus the ladies there are super amazing and LOVE the Lord! Here’s our group painting...

Each color represented a different emotion in our life. It was a really neat project. At the center of mine was salvation through Jesus Christ in the form of an orange heart with a cross in it. Then I surrounded the orange heart by yellow which represented the joy I felt the day Christ entered my heart (Mother’s Day 2010). Next I painted the outside purple box around my entire painting which representEd the blessing of God surrounding my life. Then I drew the green grass symbolizing my christian growth through the years. Now for the “flowers“ in the picture...I started drawing blue and black tear drops all over my picture to represent the difficult times and sad times in my life....then God reminded me that during those time I still had the joy of Jesus in my heart and the blessings of God surrounding those difficult times. So I painted yellow for joy and purple for blessings of God around my teardrops, and like I said I’m not the best artist so they turned into blobs. Inside I was kind of embarrassed because I had a good idea but it didn’t turn out in art form. But then God reminded me that those hard times turned into some of the greatest moments of growth in my Christian walk. So I painted a green line up to those teardrops that now turned into beautiful flowers (the water paints blended together making them look like blobs, but you get the point) representing the beautiful growth through my difficulties with God‘s blessing and the joy of Jesus in my heart. Last I added the red to stand for my achievements. The reason they’re so small and so few is because in the past that is what I would focus on in my life, my own achievements, but after excepting Christ in my heart my perspective changed and my focus is on Him. Lastly I added the words representing the things I’m grateful for...topic of the night was attitude of gratitude. Here’s my work...

So that’s my art Women’s event is with pottery. Stayed tuned to find out how it goes.

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