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Sunday was the best day yet...

Sunday was one of the best days yet here in Honduras!!! The reason I say this is because a sweet new friend gave her life to CHRIST during the time that we were looking at her parents house to rent in September after we complete language school. The reason God sent our family to Honduras is so that we can make His great name known among the nations. We are so blessed to be a part of God softening the heart of our new sweet friend and that she said yes to accepting the best gift she'll ever receive, JESUS as her personal savior and friend!!

Sunday Facebook re-cap (for those who don't have FB or didn't see it)

Great day today!!! God is soooo good!!!

*Great message at church about living by the BIBLE....putting what we hear into action!*Great finale at church getting our certificates after taking 4 classes to serve at the church!!

*Great lunch with friends (played a game too)!!!

*Great time checking out a house and setting it up to rent after language school!!!!

*BEST of all while we were at the house we’re going to be renting, the adult daughter of the home owners accepted JESUS into her heart!!!

We have a great pastoral team at our church that helped with everything!!! We love Pastor Peter and Kathy (Hadassah too) ❤️

We never know why God has us do or say certain things, but he only calls us to be obedient. Our testimony of selling everything to serve God among the nations in obedience to his request to do so, led us to today....looking to rent a fully furnished house near our church, but what we didn’t know was this would be the day of SALVATION for the owners adult daughter. PRAISE GOD FOR THIS GLORIOUS DAY!!

Goofy family picture...

Normal family picture....

Our rental house in September!!!!

God is sooooo good!! Our family is loving being a part of what God is doing here in Honduras. Not only are we impacting the lives of others here for the gospel, but they are impacting our faith greatly too!!! Praise God for leading and guiding our every step.

Prayer Request: I have a doctor appointment Friday for my final x-ray. Please pray that the x-ray shows a fully healed bone and that the doctor gives the go ahead for more intense physical therapy. Then once I'm mobile, we can get back to getting Celebrate Recovery step study started in Comayagya at our home church here. We can't wait!!!

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