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Still on crutches, but blessed!!!!

Earlier this week I was hoping to not be on crutches after getting my cast off, but the doctor said to use a boot and the crutches for two weeks and then we’ll go from there. But this week has really given me a perspective of gratitude because I’m beyond blessed...

-I have an amazing husband who helps me with whatever!

-I have 2 amazing boys that help with anything too.

-We have a car to get me to language school.

-The language school had crutches that I could use.

-Two friends have a boot for me to use.

-My friend here that I met at language school is a physical therapist and is helping me.

-The doctor I see here is close to my house and doesn’t cost much.

-BUT super blessed it’s only a broke ankle, could be worse (a lot of friends recently getting diagnosed with cancer 😢)

I am choosing to look at the blessings. I’m looking at my glass as half full, not half empty. 🎶 I got JESUS yes I do, I got JESUS, how bout you??

As for language school, it’s going great. I’m moving right along with book 3. We are 2/3 the way through it, so slowly getting there. I am working on listening to stories in Spanish and becoming more fluid using verbs in 4 different tenses. Day by day I’m getting there, with the help of some great teachers!!

Catch y’all again next Wednesday!!! Adios amigos!!!

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