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Still in quarantine, but still going strong learning Spanish online

Happy Wednesday everyone! To be honest, sometimes I forget what day it is because we have been under stay at home orders here in Honduras for 66 days and the rules here have only gotten stricter recently. We used to be able to go get groceries once a week depending on the last digit of our id, but right now its only every 2 weeks that we can leave the house for groceries. BUT the awesome thing about Honduras is the fact that they have pulperías!!! These are usually little corner stores that sell a few items, but the one near our new house is a mini order at the window (you can't go in), but they have almost anything you need. God is good and we have been hanging in there.

Here is a picture of our local pulpería...

We are still going strong learning Spanish though the institute here in Honduras but only difference is it is online now and not in person due to the quarantine rules. We have a schedule of class times, but you have to be flexible here because it all depends on if we have electricity...sometimes the power goes out all day (a planned day by the government every once and a while to fix things) or if there is a storm it just goes out. I am working on finishing book 4 of 6. It is tough, but I really enjoy Spanish classes.

Here is a picture of what it looks like to have classes online...

Here is a picture of a lesson and homework assignment I had this week (if you want to try it, message me your answers and I'll let you know how you did)......


For those of you who have been praying for my continued bleeding since I had the miscarriage early April, THANKS!!! I am not done bleeding, but I feel your prayers. My body could possibly be going through a normal cycle this week, and I am hoping if that is the case I will be free from this as of Saturdayish...if not I will need to visit the doctor to see what's going on. Please pray that all clears up by this weekend. So appreciate y'all's prayers.

Well that's it for now...see y'all back here next Wednesday. Don't forget, we have access to video chat, calls, or whatever if yall want to catch up. We love an miss y'all bunches. Virtual hugs! 🤗

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