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Spanish, more Spanish...and Friend time!!!

Learning Spanish is our main ministry focus for the next 6 months to a year. We have been in Spanish classes for almost 4 weeks so far!!!!! Time is flying. I passed my first test with a 98% thanks to y’all’s prayers and God opening my mind.

Learning a new language is mentally exhausting, but so worth it! My teachers name is Gaby and she is an excellent teacher. Here’s a peek into my classroom....

Besides school we have had the opportunity to hang out with lots of new friends that God has blessed us with. We went to see a beautiful waterfall with our friends Scott and Susan.

On Sunday, we went to a new church with our friend Paula. It was in Spanish, but lots of people there are bilingual so we were able to have great conversations after church and make even more friends. A really cool thing is when they sang a song that we know in English we were able to fully understand the song in our hearts and worship along while they were singing in Spanish. So cool!!!

Last night we got to eat dinner with Amanda (a new friend from the gym) and her husband Ryan. It was a great time and super yummy food!!! Finally, our sweet friend Carolina (from Southern Honduras where we lived last) has family here and they stopped by for a visit. It gave us a chance to practice our Spanish as that’s the only language they speak. We talked, they played UNO for the first time, and then we made plans to get together again soon.

God is soooooo good. He’s helping us learning the language and giving us great new friends along the way.

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