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Hey guys, it's me Messiah. This week has been fine. My Spanish classes are going great, and I love them. Right now, I'm going over past desires. For example: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a singer. In Spanish it would be "Cuando era niño, yo quería ser un cantante". It's all in past tense. Cuando era niño= when I was a kid. Yo quería ser= I wanted to be. Un cantante= a singer. I love learning Spanish because it's fun.

A picture of me, my brother and my teacher on the computer...

The quarantine hasn't been so bad. Of course, I do want to go out, but I have to make the best of my time. Our family has spent a lot of time together playing new games, and watching movies. I really like it because it brings me a lot of joy to hear the laughter and see smiles on my families faces. My family has learned to thrive in this quarantine.

Yesterday and part of today, I was sick. I don't need to go into all the details because that would just be disgusting. Let's just say that I have the stomach bug... a really bad one. Today I feel a lot better then I did yesterday, but I still don't feel normal. I'm sure that by tomorrow, I'll be normal again.

NOW FOR THE SONG OF THE WEEK:Remember to comment, and tell me what you think about it.

The song for this week is Ever Be by Bethel.

here’s the link...

I like this song because it is like a Psalm. It's message tells us that God's praise should ever be (or always) be on our lips. I love the first part of the song that says "Your love is devoted like a ring of solid gold... Your love is enduring through the winter rain." God's love is faithful and is always for us. He is also worthy to be praised no matter what our circumstances are. My mom teaches me a lot about complaining. She tells me for every complaint you have, you can be sure to find 10 things that God has blessed you with. Let his praise ever be on our lips.

Thank y'all for reading my blog, and I hope y'all are doing well up there in the U.S. or across the pond wherever you are. I'll talk to y'all next week.

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