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SPANISH class, movie and pizza....

We are in our second week of language school!!!! Currently Tyler and I are taking class together, but next week we will start taking it separate. Also, next week the boys start taking class as well!!! Lots of SPANISH!!!

So next week and on looks like this...Tyler and I will be taking class separate 3hrs a day 5 days a week and the boys will be taking separate classes 1hr 3 days a week (homeschooling other subjects with their other time).

Today was a great day of Spanish in multiple ways.... first we started with Spanish class for four hours. 📚 Then after lunch a group of us students and teachers went to the movie theater to meet the actors in a new movie that was made here in Honduras “Café”(coffee). ☕️ After hearing from each of the actors we had a special tasting of some yummy coffee grown here in Honduras, as well as a special showing of the movie (in Spanish...our first Spanish movie). It was an amazing movie!!! After the movie we came home and I made homemade pizza with chorizo. Yum 😋 🍕

A look back...

Sunday - went to church with friends and saw one of the oldest bell clocks in the world (Tyler will post about that tomorrow).

Monday - First day of working out in Honduras and it was HOT!!! 🤢 I had to take a break or it wasn’t going to be pretty but I survived!


That we will learn the language quickly and at an advanced level bring Celebrate Recovery (a program that helps people find complete freedom in Jesus Christ with ANY hurt, hangup, and/or habit) to the churches of Southern Honduras.

Love y’all bunches!!! 😘

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