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Sneak Peek...first CR work coming up soon 😁❤️

God is so good!!! As you probably know (from other posts) we have a vehicle!! Yay God!!!

Having a vehicle opens doors for us to do CR (Celebrate Recovery) ministry opportunities that have come up recently that would be difficult without a car. There are 3 in the works 😉 but I’m giving you a sneak peek on one that is coming up soon.

We will be heading to Roatán to check out a new CR plant that is going to be in the first rehab facility on the island. We are so excited to be coming alongside others to support them in this journey and be of any assistance to them. Can’t wait to share more after we go!! Please be in prayer for this. 🙏🏻 The dates we are going is October 18-23. Can’t wait to see all that God’s doing in Roatán.

Spanish class is going great!! I have a new teacher and her name is Enma. She likes correcting a lot and I am grateful for that because I want to be correct when speaking in Spanish. She is super smart and is a great teacher! Im working hard on book 2. It’s the foundation for all the other books, so it’s tough work but I am learning sooooo much!!!

PS Thanks for all of your prayers for Tyler’s dad! He made it through surgery and is off the ventilator. Please continue to pray for him as he gets strong to go home.

Love and miss y’all 😘

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