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Small to Big. A.K.A. I am Free to Run!!!

As some of y'all know from my brothers blog, we moved to our new house. Our new house is probably 10 times bigger than our old house in land mass. We have a basketball court, soccer field, foosball table, pool table, a garden, and even a pool. God and only God alone has blessed us us with this property. Our first day at our new house I literally tried everything and ran wildly. I let out all my energy that has been sealed for 46 days or more. I am soo glad we have this house that has sufficient acres we can run around.

This week I have trusted God more, because when we looked at this house online I thought we weren't going to get it. God showed he can do the impossible, if we only believe. In my life I only trust God we=ith things I know he can do, but I realized I need to trust God more. I encourage y'all to trust God, even when it seems hard.

Here‘s a poem I wrote about Trusting God the day after we first looked at the house (January 26, 2020)....

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