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Serving, Workout, and Spanish

Hey guys, it's me, Messiah. This Sunday was awesome. Every Sunday is awesome, but this Sunday was special to me because I got the privilege to serve on the worship team at my church. I'm very thankful to God for my gifts and talents, and I want to use them for Him. On Sunday, we sang “Glorious Day”, “En Nombre de Jesús“, and “Build My Life”. I'm thankful for the opportunity to help worship because this helps me to keep myself accountable and to work for the Lord. Also it helps me to work on my Spanish because the church is bilingual. I'm looking forward to next week also.

One thing that has improved greatly is my fitness. We have a CrossFit gym here, and they kick our butts. It's all worth it though because I can feel and see the change in my body. When I first started, I couldn't do any toes to bar, but now, I'm able to do 14. I don't remember my deadlift back then, but now it's 265 lbs. My max power squat is 145 lbs. I can only do 5 muscle- ups, and I'm getting better on my hand stand walk. As my mom says, the reason that I'm in the shape that I am in is because of God, not my own doing. I really need to work on my pride, so I have to say this a lot. I need to remember that God helped me. When I first came to my parents, I was 9 years old and 120 lbs. SUPER! DUPER! FAT!!! vegetables and God's help got me here.



Guys, I'm still stoked about how I'm in past tense. I wouldn't say that I'm struggling, but it's a little tricky to switch from present tense to imperfect past tense.

Here is an example of past imperfect tense without using Google Translate!!

Todos los días, yo aprendía Español.

This says that every day, I learned Spanish. For this, you need your expression of time (todos los días), subject (yo), verb (aprendía), and your object (Español). It's a little more tricky than how I explained it, but it's not too hard.

aprender=aprendía (I learned)

Ok guys. Talk to y’all next week!

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