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Hey ya'll, how has it been going???? WOW, have I been on a journey. A few years back Lorenda and I took a spiritual gift test to find out what our spiritual gifts are, and mine came out to be hospitality and serving. What's funny is I have been tested this past month of being a full time servant to my wife since she broke her ankle and has been unable to get around without crutches and has had a cast on her foot, and man let me tell you it has been hard. Sometimes getting frustrated and aggravated, but with God's power I have been able to overcome and continue to be a servant to her. It's not how well you start, it's how well you finish. Please continue to pray for her healing. We went to the doctor today and they cut the cast off and she still had a little tenderness in her bone, so the doctor said to wear a special boot and to still use the crutches to get around. I now get two more weeks to finish well. I thank the Lord for this opportunity because it has brought us even closer together mentally and physically.

I also wanted to share with ya'll that our language school has been going great... I am learning past tense and will soon be able to write my full testimony in Spanish. I am so excited for what the Lord has in our future here in Honduras.

We have made so many connections here in Honduras and will soon be starting a Celebrate Recovery step study to train some leaders. We thank you so much for your support and prayers. May God bless you always.

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