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September - prepare for surgery

You may or may not have not seen it earlier on FB that I headed to the states for surgery mid September. It's a long story about surgery that I am going to be typing up and posting on my personal FB page, but short story...I had a surgery when I was 20 and it started having complications. I did an online consult with my doctor and we scheduled the re-surgery.

As you know, preparing for major things takes a lot of work. So a lot of the beginning of September involved planning my trip to the states, scheduling my doctor's appointments for all the pre-op clearance testing, and preparing my heart to be away from my husband and son during the time I needed to return to the states. I needed to have all the pre-op surgical clearance testing turned in to my surgical doctor 2 weeks prior to surgery. That meant getting to the states 3 weeks before surgery to get all the testing completed in time. Added onto that would be 6 weeks of recovery after surgery.

After a lot of prayer, we decided that I would come alone for surgery while Tyler and Guenther stayed in Honduras to continue with ministry work. This was the hardest part of all that is going on....not being with Tyler and Guenther during this difficult time. But I remind myself that we prayed and we had the peace of God about this decisions, but that doesn't make it easy. Oh how I wish they could be here with me, but trust in God's greater plan over my desires.

Please lift me up in prayer for no complications and a quick healing.

Love y'all bunches!

All for Him...King JESUS!

Lorenda :)

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