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School, School, School

Wow, I did not realize that I was going to be reading so much in my Hermeneutics class. I have to read my teachers class notes, which is a published book, and I have to read a book called, "Grasping God's Word." Grasping God's Word is pretty much a textbook for the class, and it is a great book to help you learn how to interpret the Scriptures the right way. I also have another book I need to read for my class and that is "Living By The Book" by Hendricks. This book is an extra credit book, and we have to right a summary and a review on it for an extra credit grade. I am so thankful to be back in school, but most of all to be there for the right reasons, to learn more about God's Word. I am asking that you pray for me because it is a lot of work with reading and writing papers. The summer classes are double the work because you have to do it in nine weeks rather than fifteen in a regular semester. But, don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying this adventure that the Lord has put me on. I will be even more busier come fall because then I will be taking four classes. Right now my grades are doing well. I have seven grades so far in my classes and they are all 100% and one 90%. Please pray that I keep up the grades and continue to do well in my studies.

I also wanted to talk about Spanish classes. They are going well. I have class online on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to noon. I am so glad that we have the privilege in this world to have internet so that we can communicate. We have been in quarantine for over 80 days now and I am so glad that we are able to take our classes online to continue our learning.

It has been really crazy here with it being rainy season. It has been raining here almost everyday, all-day long. We were actually able to go outside yesterday and get in the pool for a little bit because we had a little bit of sunshine.

I wanted to say thank you to God for allowing all of this to be able to happen, I also want to thank all of our supporters that are praying for us and giving sacrificially so that we can be here to spread the Gospel through Celebrate Recovery.

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