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School, Paintball and Soccer

This week was....totally awesome!!! I had many fun adventures this week.

Spanish school was interesting because yesterday I had a new teacher named Cesia. Cesia is a good friend of ours and we know her a lot. Cesia sometimes goes to church with us. Also, she used to be my brother and dad's former teacher. In class, she was teaching me how to change irregular verbs into commands. Here is an example of an irregular verb changed into a command...corregir (to correct) = corrija su tarea (correct your homework). Also I am learning how to use irregular verbs in a sentence with a noun, adjective and connector. See the bottom of my picture below to see examples of this (My teacher hasn't graded it just yet, so may have a few errors). This is what I leaned and am still learning.

This week I also lost a deal with a teacher. I said if I talk to him all recess only in Spanish Monday through Friday he has to shave off his beard, but if I don't I have to cut off all of my hair. Even though I only talked to him Monday - Thursday he still shaved his beard. I lost and shaved off all my hair.

Aww!! Last Wednesday our school went paintballing. I got to feel the weird stinging pain of the ball hitting my hand and knee. My family invited one of my best friends (my neighbor who is Honduran) to come. He had fun because it was his first time paintballing and mine as well. My favorite part was pegging some Spanish teachers and watching them try to shoot the gun correctly. I had sooooo much fun paintballing.

After we went paintballing, I played soccer with some friends and of course my brother. I juked my brother for the first time in forever. It was sooooo fun playing soccer and I absolutely love the thrill of scoring a goal. I tried many times being a goalie, but defense I am better at offense han I am at defense. I love soccer and truly believe it is one of my favorite sports. This week was awesome!!!

PS ¡Adios! ¡Hasta Miércoles! ¡Qué le vaya bien!

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