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School, Christmas, and almost toothless!!!

Long time no talk! These past few weeks have been great. I have learned a lot about the culture and have opened up my eyes to Honduras.

School has been fun. I am learning a lot from my teacher. Right now I am learning how to describe people and their characteristics. I also learned this week in class how to change irregular verbs and use them as a command. Not only have I been learning but I have been practicing my Spanish with my friend when I play with him for hours.

This Christmas God opened my eyes to Honduran culture. Here they don't focus on presents or Santa Clause, but they focus on the family and stay up late throwing off fireworks and hanging out. Our family hung out with our neighbor's family for Christmas. In Honduras some kids get a new outfit for Christmas that is brand new or sometimes use, so our family followed that tradition and I got a new outfit for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Christmas was fun this year. (Mom had a broke ankle and couldn’t try anything on, so she has to wait to get a new outfit.) Here‘s our new outfits.

Man! These past few weeks I almost went toothless. I lost three teeth in one week then after that another one. Since the roads are dusty here, I could sing...."Another tooth bites the dust."

Thank y'all for making it possible for us to come to Honduras. Catch y'all next Tuesday!

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