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School and the Conference.

This week has been super awesome!

Spanish school has been great. I am learning how to use the verb "andar con" and I am still reviewing what I learned. Also, I am still learning my "Who I am" cards in Spanish. So far I have 21 our of 91 cards memorized. I am doing good in language school and speaking more and more Spanish every day.

This week we went to a conference for all the missionaries that are joined with this program that helps missionaries in Honduras. God has helped me to make friends my age and older. Our theme was Star Wars and knowing who you are in Christ. Also to have courage to stand up for what's right. God also gave me a chance to share my "Who I Am" with maybe 20 or 30 youth for a talent show. I was one of the people who won. I had a great time meeting with other teens my age and older.

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