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School and Prayer

Spanish school has been fun but really difficulty. I learned something new and weird. I learned that all verbs ending with "-car" changes it into a command. For an example, the verb "sacar" since it has a "-car" at the end, it changes to "Saque" as a command. In English "sacar" means "to dry" and "Saque" means "to dry this or that". I am still learning how to change regular and irregular verbs into a command in a sentence. Last weeks classes were fun and difficult at the same time.

Last Friday we had a game night at our school and let me tell you there were a lot of games. There was strategy, easy, and hard games. I had a fun time playing this game I never played before. This game was more of a harder game. I also played the game of life one of my favorites. Last Friday was really fun.

Tonight our family had about 30 minutes of prayer and singing. Our family came together and prayed for our country and this world. We fervently prayed that God would give this world peace. Also, we prayed for the government officials to make the right choices. I encourage you to take a moment and pray for your country and for the world to turn to God as the cure.

PS Thank y'all for your prayers and support as we go through this journey serving God.

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