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School and Our New Home.

Wow! This week has been crazy good. Personally this has been the week ever.

Spanish School has been going great and I learned yesterday how to use another future tense (querer + infinitivo). Also, I am still learning commands and irregular verbs. I am not only learning but practicing with friends. On Sunday almost all day we communicated in Spanish.

Okay, on to the good part. Our family has been searching for a long time for a house that suits us. My mom found this beautiful house that has a pool, soccer field, basketball court, foseball table, pool table, and farm. We talked to the owner and said we can move in, in September. God has answered my prayers by giving us a farm that has corn, papaya, avacados, even turkeys, ducks, and quail. When I saw this house I thought we wern't going to get it , but God helped us to get it. Not only are we going to get the house, but we are going to use this property for God's mission. We thought we went there to get a house but the owners daughter accepted Christ in her heart. God showed up big this week and I give all the glory to him.

Listos para la concurso... do you understand ... it says are you ready for the quiz. Okay in Exodus 25:31-40 what material was the lampstand made of...

P.S Okay byee I'll see you next week for a harder quiz and show you what God is doing in our lives.

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