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School and Friends.

School has been good. I am learning new things like how to use the verb “to have“/“tener”. I find myself forgetting my words in english. Also, sometimes when I am speaking in english somehow I switch to Spanish. Sometimes it gets hard and sometimes its easy.

Our friends came over on friday and we played a game called Euchre. This game is kind of like spades and rook, but harder. They came over and we cooked dinner for them. We had a great time with them.

This week we also had a great pannel in School. We learned the importance of family time and having time with other American friends. I learned that family is the main focus. But after family time it is important for couples to enjoy their time. The pannel also said it is good for kids to know their mission or even help their parents. It is not good for children to not participate in their parents ministry. I learned a lot and I hope this will help our family also.

P.S. Thank ya'll for all of your prayers and support.

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