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School and a Youth Conference

I like this week, because I learned a lot.

School is going great, I just need to work on using what I have learned correctly and slow down when I speak. I am understanding more and more when a Honduran speaks to me. Also, I am getting better at writing paragraphs. I am learning how to change irregular verbs "o x ue" and how to change them when I am writing a paragraph. I am working on finishing up book 2 (working on irregular verbs and writing/speaking in paragraphs).

The second will be graded tomorrow in class...

This week we also went to a youth conference. We had a fun time learning about the importance of a relationship. Also, we learned when you enter a relationship its not about meeting your fleshly needs. The pastor said you should first be really good friends first and get to know the person before dating. Also we learned about having purity. The conference gave us the opportunity to ask any question about relationships and they did their best to answer them.

PS Thank y'all for reading my blog and I can't wait to see you again. God bless you guys...Hasta Martes!!!

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