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He guys, it’s Messiah! This week has been pretty normal for me. We had regular school and language school. This week, the schedule changed, and we are going to be switching teachers. I’m kind of sad because I won’t have my same teacher next week. On a good note, my old teacher said that with my next teacher, I might be going on to my next book!!! To go on to my next book, that means that I am going to be taking a test. So I am asking y’all to pray for me. I don’t know when I’ll be taking the test, but more than likely, it’ll be very soon. I love living here in Honduras and I’m glad God had us move here. If you read my blog last week, you would have known that a 60 year old man played soccer with us and was the best man out there. Yesterday, he played with us in the morning. The reason it was only him is because the kids only play at night because it’s too hot during the day. We love playing soccer with the kids and always look forward to doing it. Thank y’all for reading my blog. Cant wait to see y’all again. Until next time.

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