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Sad news, and the weirdest dream ever

Hey it’s me, Messiah. I have very sad news. More than likely, I may not get a dog. We got more info on what she wanted, and I just can’t do that right now. Though I am kind of upset, it’s okay.

I have had a great week, and I just took my second class to help with the worship band. This week, the school switched teachers, and now I am with the teacher I was with before. I am glad that the school switches teachers because you can develop relationships with all of them. I have had so much fun with both of my teachers, and I have learned so much Spanish. I love speaking Spanish, and I can’t wait to be fully fluent in it.

Now for the weirdest part of my week. I had a dream. This wasn’t only a dream, it was ALL IN SPANISH!!! I had a dream that Clayton (I believe that’s his first name) Dixon came to Honduras. We were about to go to workout, but he knocked on our door here in Honduras. We invited him in, and he called his mom and dad. He started to speak to them in Spanish, thinking that we wouldn’t understand. I understood him, and he was surprised. That was my first dream in Spanish, and it was super duper weird.

Here, we are in the Christmas spirit, and soon the school is going to be caroling. They want me to play the guitar, and help lead the group. I also have a friend helping, and I can’t wait to carol for the first time in my life.

For those who read this, thank you. It means a lot. See y’all next week.

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