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Hi guys, it's Messiah. This week, after worshipping at church, we went with some friends who head up a rescue mission for animals. They have 158 dogs, cats, and 13 horses. I loved going there to see how these animals were so happy. One dog named trooper has three legs, and he is happier more than me. I went into a dog area, and there were abort ten to fifteen dogs, and I think that there is not an inch on my face that didn't get licked. This mission here does so good, and they have dogs that you can adopt. You can also donate to them.

Pictures of the rescue...

At church, I had a great time like I always do. I'm really excited for Christmas because I'm going to lead the Christmas choir for my church. I'm kind of scared because It is my first time ever leading anything like that. Please pray for me to be a good leader for the choir.

Also, I want to ask that y'all pray for my mom as she is in the States visiting the family, and spending time with them. She is coming back on the nineteenth of this month, and it will be exciting when she comes back. She likes a clean house, so before she comes, we are going to clean before she comes.

I hope y'all are doing good, and I can't wait to see yall again. I'll talk to yall next week.

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