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Hey guys, it's Messiah. I wanted to start off by saying thank you to all of y'all that read my blog. It encourages me to keep on writing. I'm still singing, and I will always until the day that I die.

This week, the rehab that we serve at, Jesus is the Solution (Jesús es la Solución), had its annual fundraiser. It was awesome because we had a lot of Island worship, food, and fun. The rehab here really changes lives. The success rate for the only rehab here is about 70%, and they don't turn people away. Only a few people can actually pay for their recovery at the rehab. If the person can't pay, then they are still accepted and treated as if they did. Everytime I go to the rehab, I'm excited to see my rehab family. Most of these people have gotten rejected and outcast by their family because of their bad choices. A lot of people don't even talk to them. People need to be loved, and I'm glad that I get to do that for them. I see them as my brothers and sisters.

Pictures of the Fundraiser...

There is supposed to be another hurricane coming through in a couple of days, and this one is going to be worse. For the people on the mainland, it's going to be devistating. They are already evacuating people out of risk areas because it is going to be way worse than it was the last time. The people neek prayer for protection, so, when you think of the storm, please pray for them. Here on the Island, we will hopefully only have a lot of rain and strong winds. We are blessed because here, on the island of Roatan, we have the second biggest barrier reef in the world, which means that flooding from the sea will be harder to do.

Now for the song of the week...

The song for this week is "Here in the Presence" by Elevation. Here is the link...

I absolutely love this song because it's saying that we're not alone here within his love because he is with us. My favorite part of the song is the bridge which says "I know your past is broken, but you can move on it's over now here in the presence of the Lord. Tired of running running, just be still and know he's in control here in the presence of the Lord. Pour out your heart before him, open your arms, he'll hold you now, here in the presence of the Lord." He will always be there to comfort and help us. This song is so good, and please listen to the whole thing because I know that it will bless you.

Thank y'all for reading my blog, I really appreciate it.

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